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Company - Circular


Offshore Company’s Economic Substance Laws  (Date: 16 August 2019)

Offshore Company’s Economic Substance Laws  (S1_Date: 16 November 2020)

KIT-KUP condition for all our recurrent services  (Reprinted: August 2019)

Significant Controller Register (Updated: August 2019)

Change in Shareholding can be aschieved by Transfer, Allotment or other methods.

Formation of Limited Company can buy a Tailor-made company or a Ready-made company.
Every Year, each Hong Kong limited company needs to discharge some renewal and reporting matters, including registrations, tax, accounting, etc.

A Sample Annual Cost is for reference of what expenditure would be incurred every year by a Hong Kong limited company.

Maintaining a Registered Office in Hong Kong as address and keeping some legal records is a requirement to each Hong Kong company. In providing this service, we shall also handle mail redirection for clients.
Company Secretary is an officer of Hong Kong company. This officer must be a Hong Kong resident or a Hong Kong company for the purposes of communication or contact in Hong Kong representing the Hong Kong company.