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Rental Agent
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Employer's Return, MPF and Payroll 



Other than conventional accountancy services, such as statutory audit, taxation and company secretarial, our firm are providing a number of quality outsourcing services to our clients.  The advantages of obtaining outsourcing services from us includes:

l      Do not need to employ full time staff members for which makes a company subject to employer obligations,

l      Ensure relevant and updated expertise be applied to the services concerned,

l      Avoid any possible problems of conflict of interest, independency and secrecy of information amongst your present staff members, and

l      Do not need to maintain an office with which equipped necessary software and supplies for your staff members to perform their duties.  




We provide annual, quarterly and monthly accounting services to our clients.  Our services can be performed at our client’s office, provided that they have acquired and installed with appropriate accounting software and computer.  We are also glad to perform the services at our office by using our owned licensed software and computer.  


Software Acquisition and Installation

It is not uncommon that a company does not have expertise to select appropriate computer and software and have them properly installed for the uses of staff members.  We provide these services to our clients in addition to our services of computer system network, email and web services which are being provided by our affiliated company Topbase (HK) Limited.


Rental Agent

We provide rental agent services to clients which are landlord of a number of real properties in Hong Kong.  Our services include maintaining rental records, collection of rent, handling overdue rental, preparing and handling tenancy agreement, and safe custody and transferring amount receipt on behalf of the landlord.


Administration Service

Many companies or organizations in Hong Kong do not wish to employ their own staff members to handle their routine administration services, because of the troublesome in providing relevant training to them and supervision of their performance.  Also, the staff turnover rate is so high in Hong Kong, the continuity of services is another problem of them.  By obtaining administration service from us, our clients can concentrate on their prime operating affairs and free up more resources to promote their principal activities.


Application of Working Visa in Hong Kong

We have a large number of overseas clients, they maintain a small office in Hong Kong.  From time to time, their colleagues in overseas may require to work in Hong Kong office for a long period.  According to current regulations in Hong Kong, those applications for working visa in Hong Kong require guarantee from Hong Kong residents or Hong Kong company.  We are glad to provide such guarantee and assistance to our active clients which have at least two years business track records with our firm to enable their staff members to develop their business activities in Hong Kong.


Employer's Return, MPF and Payroll 

Employee information actually involves many privacy data in addition to remuneration details which the employer should try their best to protect from any possible unauthorized disclosure. Large scale organizations can have theirs Human Resource Manager to take care those duties relating to accessing privacy data, but they still somehow encounter the problems of confidentiality, especially their personnel staff or accounting staff having chance sooner or later to deal with the employees concerned directly in the same organization.   If you have these problems, why don't you just let our professional staff members to handle the jobs, such as employer's return, MPF and payroll.  The data will be stored in our well managed database and your jobs are performed by an independent party subject to control of high professional standard.